Laptop memory upgrade

For those of you competent at basic computer upgrades, these instructions explain how to fit a memory upgrade to your laptop. For information on purchasing memory upgrades, please contact Resourceful Computer Help.

1. Note the amount of system memory currently fitted.

Check amount of existing system memory

2. Turn off the computer & disconnect the power cable.

Put laptop face down

3. Remove the battery.

Remove laptop battery

4. Find the memory access panel.
We will have indicated where this is during our visit.
Normally, the panel has a picture of a computer chip on it.

Locate memory access panel

5. Unscrew the screw(s) holding the panel in place.
NB. These screws are usually attached to the panel, so don't try to remove them.

Unscrew the memory panel

6. Remove the panel and set it to one side.

7. If an empty memory slot exists, align the notch of the memory module with the memory slot, then proceed to step 9.

8. If no free slot exists, unclip an existing memory module using your finger nails.
NB. The metal clips at either side of the module gently pull out 1 or 2 millimetres.
The memory module will pop-up and can then be slid out of the slot.

Release existing memory module

Holding the edges of the module, slide it out

9. Gently slide the new memory module into the slot at a 45 degree angle.

Align module with the slot and slide in at 45 degree angle

10. Once all the pins are in the slot, gently lower and push the the memory module down flat.
A nice clicky noise will be heard whilst the side clamps lock the memory module into place.

11. Replace the memory access panel.

Replace the memory panel

12. Replace the battery.

Replace the battery

13. Check the amount of system memory has increased.

Check the memory has increased

14. Job done!