New computer office open for business


Big news! After 8 years working from the computer room and lately the kitchen table, I'm thrilled to say we've built and have moved into our fantastic new office.

It's a pretty exciting time for us, and an important step in the growth of our business. The new space gives the team a more collaborative work environment allowing us to more easily carry out repairs, installations and project work. We look forward to creating many great things here.

Below are more pictures of the new office, including the office cat which came to check things over.

A huge thanks to Lesley from Cowton Riding Centre for coming along to take photos of the new office.

BTW, all the contact information at Resourceful Computer Help has stayed the same, as all we've done is moved into the back garden!


The Computer Guys (Aileen wasn't around to get photographed)


It's true - Thomas does all the work whilst George sits around reading magazines


George demonstrating cloud computing using an old Eee 701 netbook


We've a modest stock of computer parts to allow quick repair of most PCs


Quality control cat checks for floor inpurrfections (see what I did there?)


The penny drops - Aileen and the champagne are missing