PC Yearly Service

 A PC MOT is recommended to keep your computer running efficiently. Its suggested that this task should be performed at least every 12 months to give peace of mind and ensure that no nasties (like computer viruses or spyware) have managed to get onto your system.

During the mot we carry out the following:

  • Inspect your computers hardware.
    Ensuring your PC is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Clean your PC internally.
    Removing any build up of dust which can cause components to clog or overheat.
  • Scan your PC for Viruses & Spyware and remove as nessessary.
    “Parasites” can be removed, stopping the PC from being exploited by internet “bad guys”.
  • Remove unused programs and icons.
    By removing these un-needed programs and icons we can make the PC easier to use.
  • Check what the PC is used for & recommend free programs to help get the most out of it.
    Software upgrades can help you, as a user, perform tasks to higher quality.
  • Install free security software.
    Free security software can be installed as required.
  • Apply appropriate updates.
    Often updates are released, but do not get installed.
    We ensure your PC is up to date by the time we've finished working on it.

On completion a full verbal report (with findings) is given, followed by a written report (with recommendations).