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Web browsers

A browser is the program used to view web pages. You're using one now to read this article.

Just recently, Microsoft released an update, which for the first time ever, gives Windows users a choice of web browser on the computer (instead of saddling everyone with their Internet Explorer browser).

The update appears as a pop-up, showing “An important choice to make: your browser”. Note that the browser choice window will only pop-up on PCs with Internet Explorer (IE) set as the main/ default web browser.


How to pick a good web browser

Choosing a good browser can be difficult, however, we think the following should be considered :

  1. Is it going to be quick at showing web pages?
  2. Is it going to be secure (because hackers are using more and more subtle ways to attack web users)?
  3. Will it be able to reproduce web pages accurately, as the web developer intended?
  4. Will it be able to support new web standards such as HTML5?


We recommend Mozilla Firefox

We recommend choosing Mozilla Firefox for browsing web pages. We have found this to be the best all round browser for use, meeting all 4 points mentioned above. It's worth mentioning that Internet Explorer is a weak all rounder, with no support for new web standards at present.


How to install Mozilla Firefox via the browser choice screen

At Resourceful Computer Help, we've gone through the browser choice process, showing you how to install Mozilla Firefox via the browser choice update.

  1. When you start up your PC, you will at some point be presented with the window shown below.
  2. Click OK to begin.

    An important choice to make: your browser

  3. You'll be shown a web browser choice screen.
    We recommend installing Firefox.
    Click the Install button located below the Firefox logo.

    The top 5 web browsers available

  4. Click Run, as shown below.

    Run Firefox

  5. Next a window will appear as below showing a download progress bar.

    Download progress

  6. One the download is complete, you'll be shown another window asking if you'd like to run this program.
    Click Run as below.

    Internet Explorer - Security warning (click run)

  7. The hard bit is now over.
    Step through the Firefox installation (clicking Next & Finish buttons as required).

  8. Job done!
    To start Mozilla Firefox, simple double-click the Mozilla Firefox icon on your Desktop.


Freedom of choice

The Mozilla Foundation chairperson, Mitchell Baker, described the release of the browser choice update as "an important milestone towards helping people take control of their online lives." We agree, and are glad Internet Explorer users are at least being made aware of the other free web page browsers out there available for use. Giving users this choice will allow them to benefit from faster, more secure browsers with more customisation options. Those willing to give another browser a try will undoubtedly benefit.