Improve the speed of your broadband

Did you know the telephone extension wiring in your house can attract electrical interference from lighting, microwaves and other devices? Better yet, did you know this interference can hamper the speed and reliability of your ADSL broadband connection? Well there's good news... BT are now giving away/ selling a little device, dubbed the "BT broadband accelerator" to help improve broadband speeds. We read about this device in 2008 (it was then called the iPlate) & were sceptical about it until we tried it. Since then, we have fitted it to a number of "problem" broadband setups with very positive results. BT broadband customers can order the BT Broadband Accelerator here for a £1.20 P&P fee. As far as we can tell, non-BT broadband customer pay £7.07. Non-BT broadband customers unwilling to risk a run of sales calls from BT as a result of making contact with them can order the BT Broadband Accelerator from us for £8.50. Note The BT Broadband Accelerator is actually just a screw-in plate which fits over the main telephone socket in the house. The Broadband Accelerator is NOT suitable if your socket: 1. Doesn't have a horizontal line across the front. 2. Has a horizontal line, but also an Openreach logo on it (this type of socket has an I-Plate filter built into it). 3. Has two connection points (one for telephone, one for ADSL).