Second opinion service launched

Last week, a customer contacted us to get a second opinion on something, following a visit from a computer repair service. In summary, she needed her new TalkTalk broadband connection to work with a computer given to her by her family. Surprisingly, she was told by the visiting technician to replace the entire computer as it just wasn't up to scratch and of course a "special price" was given for a replacement which he would supply and setup. She was then left to mull things over. Speaking to the family, 3 things had surprised them : 1. The technician hadn't really tried to setup the connection. 2. The computer had worked fine with a previous broadband connection. 3. The specification for the replacement PC was more or less the same as the existing PC. As it turned out, their suspicious were well founded. I visited and found everything worked perfectly... it just needed someone to plug-in the cables and do a bit of configuration. A bit of extra time was spent with the customer to explain things & hopefully a bit of confidence was restored in computer people as a result. I think the moral of the story is "it does no harm to get a second opinion", and as a result of what we've found we have launched our new Second opinion service for home computer users in Stonehaven and the surrounding area. Hopefully without libelling myself, we've found that even BT can make mistakes (deliberate or otherwise) which can be costly for people... but that's perhaps a blog entry for another day.