Website live

These past few weeks, Thomas & I have been tackling a task which has been on the company's to-do list for more than 6 years - the reworking of the Resourceful Computer Help website. I'm pleased to say things went pretty smoothly, but had we not carefully researched and planned what we were going to do (and set aside time to do it), I'm certain things could have gone very differently. For me, the whole experience really brought home the importance of organisation and planning, not just in IT projects, but any sort of project. Without clear goals and a good plan, projects can quickly go off course or sometimes maybe never even get finished. I'm sure most of us have learned our lessons there at one time or another... I include myself in that number... one time at least! But anyway, we have now finished the initial setting-up of the site. Now for the difficult bit - it's ongoing development.