Scotland struck by major BT Outage

At 7.05pm Fri 29th Oct, BT suffered a serious incident causing the majority of Scotland, Northern England & Northern Ireland to lose Internet connectivity. BT confirmed the broadband problem at 9pm which affects all lines going through Edinburgh's Broadband Remote Access Servers (BRAS). As at 8am Sat, BT claimed to have restored service to all customers, yet disruption still continues for the majority of broadband providers.

Fake technical support phone scam

Please beware of a phone scam doing the rounds at present.

Today, a number of people living in Stonehaven have been in touch, having received phone calls from a fast-talking computer technician claiming a virus is on their home computer which needs to be removed.

The route the phonecall takes is roughly as follows :

1. The caller asks whether there is a computer in the house.
2. If a "yes" is received, the caller explains (s)he works for Microsoft, ClickClick, NerdSoft or some other technical sounding company.

BT Service Outage on a few exchanges

BT have notified broadband providers of a localised service impacting failure. Engineers have been despatched to site and BT are working with hardware vendors to investigate the fault.

Dialing codes affected include :

01202 01206 01269 01294 01323 01405 01453 01555 01569 01628 01873 01952
0286632 0286634 13234 01873 01952 0286632 0286634

Resourceful customers in Stonehaven and West Kilbride are potentially affected by the problem.

Update: This BT problem has now been resolved.

Flood and fire at BT causes UK wide problems

Due to a flood and fire at one of BT's main nodes in central London, there has, today, been widespread disruption to a large number of broadband and telephone services across the UK.

A burst water mains initially caused flooding, but this then triggered an electrical fault creating a fire which had to be dealt with by the fire brigade. BT are currently working to rectify the problem, but due to the severity of the incident it's expected things won't return to normal until at least 2nd April. A BT spokesman tonight said it might take up to 4 days to rectify the problem.

Stonehaven Flood Support Centre


On November 1st 2009, the Stonehaven area had an exceptional amount of rain. Contriving factors caused the River Carron to flood, devastating around 100 homes and 25 businesses in the process. Four months down the line, this is our story recounting what we did to help.

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Happy New Year!

The Resourceful team wishes you a Happy New Year.
Thank you for spending time with us during 2009. In 2010, we look forward to continuing the supply of the simple, thought-through and reliable work & solutions that we're known for.
All the best!

Windows 7...64-bit or 32-bit

Introduction Windows 7 comes in a number of different editions, from a Starter edition through to a fully featured Ultimate edition. However, each of these editions also come in two versions... 32-bit and 64-bit. This article will list or explain :

  • 64-bit processor benefits
  • 64-bit processor brand and models
  • 64-bit processor limitations
  • 64-bit operating system requirements
  • Windows 7 (64-bit) advantages
  • Windows 7 (64-bit) disadvantages
  • Recommendation for new PC buyers thinking about 64-bit

Windows 7 buying advice

Introduction A number of you have been asking whether you should upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7 once it arrives in stores on 22nd October 2009. Well, our recommendation is different from the negative stance we had on Windows Vista three years ago. Back then, we advised sticking with Windows XP for home and business use, as Vista had a number of issues, most notably hardware & software compatbilility problems, though it was also dogged with performance issues. This time round, we feel Microsoft's latest incarnation of Windows is worth getting, but only in certain circumstances....

Improve the speed of your broadband

Did you know the telephone extension wiring in your house can attract electrical interference from lighting, microwaves and other devices? Better yet, did you know this interference can hamper the speed and reliability of your ADSL broadband connection? Well there's good news... BT are now giving away/ selling a little device, dubbed the "BT broadband accelerator" to help improve broadband speeds. We read about this device in 2008 (it was then called the iPlate) & were sceptical about it until we tried it.

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