Google announce their new OS

There's a bit of a buzz in the IT press today. Google have announced they're going to release their own OS! But what does this mean & why should we get excited at all about it? First of all, let me explain what an OS (Operating System) is. In a nutshell, the OS allows you to do stuff on a computer... like, for example, loading Firefox to view this web page. Now most of you when you switch the computer on will be loading some flavour of the Windows OS, whether that be Windows XP or Windows Vista. And therein lies the first bit of excitement.

Second opinion service launched

Last week, a customer contacted us to get a second opinion on something, following a visit from a computer repair service. In summary, she needed her new TalkTalk broadband connection to work with a computer given to her by her family. Surprisingly, she was told by the visiting technician to replace the entire computer as it just wasn't up to scratch and of course a "special price" was given for a replacement which he would supply and setup. She was then left to mull things over. Speaking to the family, 3 things had surprised them : 1.

Website live

These past few weeks, Thomas & I have been tackling a task which has been on the company's to-do list for more than 6 years - the reworking of the Resourceful Computer Help website. I'm pleased to say things went pretty smoothly, but had we not carefully researched and planned what we were going to do (and set aside time to do it), I'm certain things could have gone very differently. For me, the whole experience really brought home the importance of organisation and planning, not just in IT projects, but any sort of project.

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